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Ongelezen 2 mei 2008, 11:10   #1
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Post Devdas

Met; Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Jackie Shroff.

Devdas is the story of a love beyond all else�even life. The saga of a man called Devdas who loved, loved and just loved�Devdas shared a magnetic childhood with his lovely playmate Paro where supreme love was felt before it was understood. When youth beckoned, the love intensified. But, alas, a fateful moment of weakness on the part of Devdas created a permanent wall of separation between him and his beloved Paro. On one side of the wall was a heartbroken Paro who became the wife of another. And on the other, was a completely shattered Devdas. Unable to bear the agony of a life without Paro, Devdas made alcohol hi constant companion. But that could not make him forget the piercing pain. Even the unflinching devotion of a beautiful courtesan Chandramuki did not ease the heartache of losing Paro. It was only when his eyes closed to a permanent sleep, did the pain begin to fade. But even before losing light of life, all Devdas urged, was to see his Paro just once.Thus giving his love the greatest dignity it was at Paro's doorstep, that the doors of heaven opened for Devdas. He left behind a testimony of true love that was pure, chaste, undemanding and thus immortal.Meer Films op:

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Ongelezen 16 mei 2008, 15:50   #2
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Standaard Re: Devdas

deze heb ik gezien vond het echt niks aan
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